Rachel Edidin

Rachel Edidin, Editor

A singular catalyst for singular creations.

I’m an all-purpose editorial mercenary and publishing consultant specializing in outside-the-box projects, comics, fiction, narrative nonfiction, and transmedia and cross-platform storytelling.

I can spin a narrative thread out of a tangled universe, build a boutique publishing program from a handful of rubber bands and paperclips, and kill a man at forty paces with a well-placed semicolon.

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I don’t talk a lot about my writing here–I’d originally planned to use it only as an editorial blog–but I’m not sure if that’s really feasible anymore. Writing is, at this point, more than half… Read More


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  • Five rows left (plus two sleeves, cuffs, collar, and waistband, BUT STILL)
  • @CarolinePruett Yeah, that also works. GIFTED is a great way to build the kind of affection it takes to plow back through the bronze age.

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